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Ordering film from overseas and XRay




I am considering to order a 20-pack of Velvia 100F from a New York based dealership and have it shipped to my address here in Europe. Does anyone know if carriers (UPS, FedEx or USPS) scan the pack with X-Ray so that it will possibly destroy my films? Thanks!

Well, a little follow-up to anounce my first victory (great tip from Andy at the Leicainfo forum), does the trick for me now from within Europe! No more X-Ray problems and even better pricing considering my previous option. Any other tips are still of course very much welcome!
Film matters

Hi there
iam new to the Forum,am hoping my joining will inspire me to pick up my Hassi again,
Like i am sure quite a few of us we are between a rock and a hard place regarding digital and film.
I loved taking images with my Hassi ,i just cant get the same feel for my photography using my Digital Nikon,
I am retired in France And just cannot afford or justify the cost of a digital back so i must go down the the film road,could any members advise me on film proccessing firms,i have a dai nippon drum scanner which will digitise the images ,it is quite a long time since i pressed the button,so any help would be so helpfull.
All the best From Dave SWFRANCE