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Older V system finders


New Member
As silly as this may sound...

Anyone out there have the original instructions (either scanned, PDF, or actually printed) of the older V system finders? The finders I am talking about are the HC-1, NC-2 and the Rigid Hood-Magnifying Hood.

I know how to use them, mount them on the body etc., but what I need is the detailed information relating to them. I need to get diopeters, replacement eyecups etc. and need the detailed information concerning the finders.

Thanks in advance
Ira Rush

Thanks for responding!

Actually, that was the first place I looked in trying to get the info I need. The finders that they list and have manuals for are all somewhat newer.

The HC-1, NC-2 and the older Mag hood that I have are almost over 25-30 years old.

Anyway, again thanks for responding!


Alas, i don't have the manuals for these items.

But perhaps we can find the answer to your questions regarding these items anyhow? They are rather simple things, so it may be easy enough?

I asked Hasselblad about the diopter strength in the NC2 some years ago. They said they did not know.
I then went to an optician, who put the lens on one of his devices, and we knew all there was to know in a second. A couple of days later i had an eyepiece tailored to my eyesight.
Have gone back through all of my old hassie catalouges. (camera's, lenses,accessories, going back to 1975.
Have found 2 possibles.
one shows all of the finders (1987) including the NC-2.
says Sighting angle of 45 degrees. and mag x3 plus other info.
if that is any good let me know how to send. can be pdf.

Thanks to all for responding.

A very special thanks to Richard Nordin for posting those scans on Hasselblad Historical!

Thanks Qnu for the advice, I may just go to an optician and have him figure it out!

Thank you Peter, when and if you can get me those scans it would be a help!

Like I said in the original post, the finders are a no brainer to use, it’s the technical stuff ( size of the eyepiece diopter, rubber eyecup size, retaining threads for the eyepiece, etc.) I need.

Lately it seems I am either taking more pictures of " fuzzy objects", or my eyesight is going!

Once again thanks to all for responding!