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Older 40mm and 250mm



I have recently aquired an older 40mm and 250mm. Is there anything special about these lenses, or anything I should know or watch out for. I have priced them on ebay and they appear to be worth approx. $500 to $1000.
Dear Friend John Rechin: I have both of them since some years ago, a 250mm "C" and a 40mm "C"T* and I love them... I use the 250mm for portraits (I like more this lens than the 150mm) and the 40mm for architecture, they are realiiy great lenses. If your 250mm is not a T* then is better to use it with a professional hood, to reduce the possible flare problem. Congratulations, and enjoy them...!

Tito Chescotta Buenos Aires Argentina
It was only a few years ago that a 40mm "C" Distagon was selling for around $1800.- second hand, quite a bit more than the current 250mm Sonnar. Point is, it's a very expensive bit of engineering so take good care of it ! Do hope you have the "T*" (multicoated) version which this lens uses to full benefit because of all that glass in the design. In my experience the coating is much less critical on the 250. Also, the regular 250 hood works very well on this optic and will save you the cost (and bulk) of the "prof." shade. DO, if you can find one, acquire a UV / Haze filter for that big front element on the Distagon: it's an expensive piece of glass and well worth protecting !

One tip: as these are older optics (and shutters), excercise the slow speeds regularly (1/1 through 1/15th) and put them away un-cocked at a low shutter speed. Again I use one second. I'm assuming you know how to cock the shutters before re-mounting. If not, STOP and ask ! Cheers,