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Old 150mm


New Member
I just bought a 5000elx, and I got an old sycro-compur 150mm f/4, i silver finnish. Is it a Zeiss lens, or did HBL make their own at some time? any remarks on it?
That is a Sonnar 150mm/f4 I assume. Zeiss product. The only non-Zeiss optics for the V series is a Schneider zoomlens IIRC.


How about the Hasselblad 60-120 mm zoomlens, and the Hasselblad teleconverters? More "non-Zeiss optics for the V series", right?
And does the ArcBody, with its Rodenstock lenses count as V-series?
There are a limited number of lenses that have been converted to Hasselblad mounts for use in the focal plane bodies from the Kiev series of cameras. Hartblie has a shift lens (MC Hartblei PCS 65mm f3.5) and a 150 (MC Hartblei 150mm f2.8) and there is a conversion of the ARSAT/ZODIAK 30mm wide-angle lens for the Kiev 88 series. I am not going to mention do it yourself lens hacks, but there are some people who take pride in attaching all sorts of glass to their Hasselblads. I have not tried any of them, so do not treat this as an endorsement.
Hi Q,

I was not aware of a 60-120mm zoom? Is that a rare lens?

The 1.4x and 2x converters I've seen were Vivitar and Rokunar (?I think). If you have a 'real' one with Hasselblad engraved you need to pay 6x the price or somesuch ;-) Who built the Hasselblad-badged ones? I thought it was Zeiss, but apparantly that is not correct.

While we are at it: how well do the converters work in real life? Used Japanese ones are in the EUR 100 ballpark these days.

Never been close enough to an ArcBody to know what lens it has. Guessing: the Rodenstock was borrowed from a true view camera I suppose? Given the need for a bigger image circle etc.

cheers, Wilko
Arcbody uses a special line of Rodenstock according to the 2001 Hasselblad Catalog.

The older Mutar 2X was Zeiss. The current 2XE is assembled in Sweden, but uses optics from Japan according to Nordin's book.

Based on Hasselblad's current association with Fuji, I wonder if they are the source??
Hi Wilko,

The 60-120 mm may be a relatively rare lens, i.e. perhaps not many sold. But it is by no means a lens difficult to get. It is still very much part of the Hasselblad lens line, still available brand new. ;-)

Yes, there are 3rd party teleconverters available. But at present there are three "official" Hasselblad (non-Zeiss) teleconverters in the Hasselblad program too.

Who is building these things is something Hasselblad is keeping secret: i asked, and asked again, but they just will not say.

But i'm pretty sure it isn't Zeiss. Given that on more than one occassion Fuji appeared to be Hasselblad's Japanese "partner in crime"...

I'm quite sure too that Hasselblad's mr. Per Nordlund was involved in designing the things.

I tried a Vivtar converter a very long time ago. Though resolution was still good, contrast too still acceptable, there was quite a bit of distortion. I never tried any other teleconverters. Just didn't need any.

The ArcBody was an attempt to bring movements within the reach of the Hasselblad photographer. The attempt before the ArcBody, the FlexBody, used Zeiss/Hasselblad lenses: good enough for tilt. no good at all for shift. Image circles too small indeed.
So they invented a miniature view camera, the ArcBody, and offered Rodenstock lenses in focussing mount. Whether or not they were "off the shelf" lenses, or speciall designed/adapted designs i don't know.
What i do know is that this thing was very poorly integrated, not part of the Hasselblad system: it only took Hasselblad film backs. The rest (camera and lenses) you had to buy all new.
Given that most photographers needing movements already own one or several "all moving" large format cameras, lenses, and roll film backs, or could get such a camera with the necessary lenses and film backs for far less than they were asking for an ArcBody... exit ArcBody.