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Oh JOY Been on a Hasselblad Buying Spree


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Business has been good this past year. Sorted through all my output and after editing to the best, I was shocked (not really), that a majority of the very best work was done with the Hasselblads and film... followed by the Leica Ms and film.

Now mind you, I am predominately a digital photographer doing both commercial advertising and high end wedding work using MF digital backs including a Imacon back on a 503CW, and soon a Leaf Aptus and Canon Pro digital cameras like the Canon 1DsMKII and 1DMKII.

So I've beefed up my Hasselblad kit, and even added a 203FE and two new F series lenses to the two F lenses I already own. I am also looking to the 903 for wider angle work. So it's "Back To The Future" with film and Hasselblad.

But not all things are for business and profit. Sometimes toys figure into the mix. Like this gift to myself for working so hard ; -)


Well, I hope more see the LIGHT and come back to film. I wish quality was the guiding force instead of speed-money being the driving force. Especially now with the exception of Kodachrome and Ektar ASA25 missing, some of my favorites- there are many good films offered today. Just think if the amount of money spent on digital format were spent on film technology; what would be available. Recently Carl Zeiss stated that their new Zeiss Ikon lens surpass the ability of today’s film resolution.

Lately, I have shot some car shows and all I was were digital cameras.

Recently I was just about to click the prompt to buy a Contax U4R and at the last second I bought an N1 instead. I guess my digital needs will come from my telephone and my T4 (my miniature Hasselblad) will be my point and shoot when I do not have my 203FE.

Best Regards:

BTW I am sure glad someone bought a yellow one :)
"Foundation"? "Front" would be better.
Because this group is fighting a rearguard action...

But retreating fronts usually bring nice weather, so....
Well, I shot and designed a "film" theme for a Leica pal of mine, Al Kaplan, which has become a cult item. The theme line refers to Al's hair, his Leicas and his choice of media. People have even made it into t-shirts and coffee cups. There are photos of girls wearing the shirts from all over the country... and visitors of Al's drinking coffee with him. The photo was shot with a Hasselblad 503CW and 50/4 CFi on film...

Marc, that shot is just sensational! Kaplan must love it!

By the way, I also love the shot of your yellow 501CM. It reminds me of a "Fly Yellow" 911 RSR (well a Swedish/German version anyway). And I suppose it won't get lost too easily.
Another great choice for weddings is the Rolleiflex TLR. I have a 1956 3.5F (Planar) and when asked by my Japanese neighbour to do her neice's wedding (I'm not a pro) I actually used the Rolleiflex inside the Church - a major part of Rolleiflex history enabling pros to be as quiet as a mouse in Churches. The images were a treat even though mine has some lens separation at the rear element (I still had to buy this otherwise mint ex&le as it was manufactured the year and month of my birth). The built-in light meter was 100% accurate on tranny film even at low light!

I think years ago, there would harldy be a pro covering weddings without a Rolleiflex among their Hassy kits.
Nicole, I mix mediums at weddings (so to speak). A Canon 1DsMKII for a lot of color candids. Fast and outstanding IMO.

But I do use a Hasselblad 503CW at every wedding to shoot B&W candids ... and color films to shoot the endless combinations of family portraits, processionals and bridal photos. I like these to be on film for archival reasons PLUS, I hate sitting in front of the computer processing a 100 digital group shots. Boring ! So, I just drop them off at the lab, get them back and scan the 3 or 4 needed for the album and I'm done. I'm scanning some Hassey shots as I type this.

I agree Simon, the Rollei TLR is a GREAT camera and can be had for next to nothing. A pal of mine who shoots almost all digital recently shot a bunch of stuff with his old Rollei TLR, and was shocked at the quality.
Of course I agree Marc. The engineering in the Rolleiflex TLR is amazing and so beautifully built too. That little Planar lens is a marvel. I find with colour film it also works a treat even in bright sun. At the most server angles to the sun, the images are still very good although a little less contrasty - nothing a tweak in PS can't fix.

I keep seeing that image of the wonderful "fly yellow" 501cm - stunning and what a keeper! Gee if you ever decide to sell it, let me know!
Now, now Qnu! My point is that I love the Rolleiflex TLR for what it is and does. And with that I'm delighted by that tiny little Planar lens. There's no doubt that the Rolleiflex was the result of engineering genius, in a similar way that the Hassy V series we have today is the unquestionable result of the genius of Victor and those who assisted him and then subsequently took his concept into the "modern" era.

Oh yes, I am a devotee of the Planar we use today on our much loves Hasselblad 6x6 equipment. That design has been so well used! My 80mm CFE is very much treasured. In fact like many "normal" / "standard" lenses, it risks being overlooked - but when I look into the WLF and through the 80mm, I'm always filled with inspiration!