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NPC MF1 Polaroid Back


New Member
I feel like a fool for asking, but I just bought a used MF-1 back and I can not figure out how to load the Polaroid film. Can anyone lend a hand with some instructions or point me in the right direction? I already ruined one pack of polaroid, I don't want to ruin the second. Thanks in advance.

Dont feel bad I had the same problem and that is what this is here for.

Just drop it in and close it. I know this seems to simple but pull the black tab out and your self loads from there.

Hope this helps

Nope just load the pack of film close the lid and pull the black sheet out. When you shoot the polaroid is the only thing that goes thru those rollers not the white tabs which are numbered. You will be pulling the polaroid out thru the rollers which will advance the white tabs that stick out underneath the door you fold down when closing the lid. Again I am telling you this from experience. It sounds like I did the same as you when 1st trying it.