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nonFE lenses on the 203FE



[Tim, Have you used non-FE lenses on the 203FE? If so, what has your = experience been?

Also, have you used non-FE backs? If so, have you had any issues?

Regards, Barry]
Yes Barry,

They work all the same as with 503CW for ex&le.

If one uses the lens shutter the exposure works in a different matter, you set the lens F, then you will read in the viewer the approriate shutter speed, set and shoot.

The focal plane shutter runs automatic with the meter.

I have the CFE lens to be able to pick up a seconf hand 503CM at some stage. Find that by using CFE lens the versatility will be kept over time, FE lens being dedicated.

For the back its okay you dial the film speed into the camera, just do not forget to change with film speed, the setting will be kept untill you change it or change the battery. Two small touches and its done.

Thanks, Tim

So you'd recommend CFE lenses over the FE to give more flexibility?

yes indeed, you will also find more CFE lens second hand than FE.

Looking at digital options later with hasselblad you will notice that backs for the 203FE are few, whilkst for the CW there are many, more in the future.

Digital backs for the 203FE may not be catered for in the future.

In other words if you have 2 or 3 lens that are CFE you can buy a cw secondhand or new, if you have the FE lens you will have to change them also...

I seldom use my 203fe in fe mode.. unless I am just toting it around for point and shoot or for longer exposures. I use C, and CFE lenses all the time in "C" mode. In the wedding biz, I find the 1/90th flash sync in FE totally worthless (since I am often using a 120 lens)