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Noise flex colourCVF


I have recently been reading about noise reduction software on certain cameras, such as “clear image mode”, which takes a sequence of 3 images to help reduce noise. Is there any software for the CFV back or in flexcolour which helps with noise?

I ask, as I have a shoot coming up (architectural), which will be my first with longish exposures on digital. In anybodies opinion or experience, is there a certain exposure time when noise becomes apparent on the CFV/flexcolour software?

I don't know if this helps, but PhotoShop CS3, with its "Smart Filters" is quite good at reducing Noise in a non-destructive way.

You create a new layer with the image, convert it to a "Smart" layer and apply the Noise filter until the areas with noise look OK. But, this may have affected the non-noise areas too.

So then you apply and build a mask so that only the "noise reduced" areas of the new layer are visible. You can do this with a large soft "brush". By playing around with the opacity of the adjusted layer, you can get the optimal effect.

Thanks Peter, I have yet to use the smart filter, but will probably be giving it ago this time round, (following your instructions). Cheers Paul

How long will the exposures be? I shoot at night a lot and had been prepared for quite a bit of noise. Frequently my shots are 20 seconds or longer at 100-200 ISO and have very few noise problems.
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