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Nodal points for C lenses for panoramas


Has anyone worked out the nodal points for the 40, 80 and 150mm C T* lenses?

Would they be the same as for the current equivalents of these lenses?

The lens designs for the 80 and 150 should be the same as the current ones, so I would expect that you could use the data sheets for the current lenses to get the nodal points.

CFE 80mm - 89mm in front of film plane
CFi 150mm - 100mm in front of film plane

The 40mm lens design has changed from the C to CF version and then again with the IF modification. The CFE 40 has the nodal point at 139mm in front of film plane. I don't know if the change in the lens design changed the nodal point, but this may be as good a place as any to start.

By lens designs, I mean the glass elements that make up the lens, not the baffling, shutters, etc. that have evolved over the life of the lens series.

Initially, Zeiss sent me some data sheets which referred to "the front vertex of the lens", or something like that. When I asked what the vertex is, I received this very helpful info. The data relates to C T* lenses of the focal length mentioned.

Not sure why the nodal point is irrelevant. It seems the answer is to ask the manufacturer of each lens where the axis of mevement should be!

Dear Mr. Hayman,
Sorry for leaving you in trouble with our lens related data, forgetting that this is not so easy to comprehend for you. Therefore the following data are all related to the
film plane, which you can easily identify at the camera body.

To have a constant relationship of foreground and background details during panning movements of the camera in panorama shooting, the axis of movement should be located

93.6 mm in front of the film plane for your 40mm

99 mm in front of the film plane for your 80mm

110 mm in front of the film plane for your 150mm

By the way: this has nothing to do with the nodal points ! Unfortunately it seems to be impossible
to exterminate this wrong concept from the literature. The projection centre of the lens is the exit pupil.
One has to turn around an axis through the exit pupil to make a detail of the foreground not move against the background.

With best regards

Dr. Hubert Nasse
Camera Lens Division, Laboratory
phone 49-(0)7364-20-2846
FAX 49-(0)7364-20-4045