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No selftimer for 503CX


I had a 500C many years ago (which I sold) and I have now acquired a battered 503CX. I recall that the 500C had a self-timer function, set on the lens, so you could take photos which include yourself, etc.

I cannot find a similar option on the 503CX or its 80mm lens.

Is the self-timer option no longer available?
The self timer was available in the shutters of the old "C" type lenses. This function was removed for the "CF" and later lenses. The T/O switch was on the 500C and 500C/M models, and doesn't appear on later ones.
The T/O switch on the camera is also on the 503CX but it's meaning is to leave the shutter open until you switch back from T to O.

You need to keep the auxillary shutter in the camera open for the duration of the self timer's pre-run, and during the actual exposure.
Since using a self timer normally involves noone being at the camera to keep the release depressed, the little switch round the release button helped to do just that.

So with the self timer gone, and the fact that a lockable cable release would do the same, the next model up, the 503 CXi, no longer had the tiny lever.


There are some separate, third party self timer units available that screw into the release button, or rather an L-adapter which screws into the release button.