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The moderator will be absent for a couple of weeks.
I am sure the forum will go on strong without me.
In case anything urgent comes up Dirk will be glad to see to any questions or problems that may arise.


You know , you need the written permission of all forum users , when you want to be absent for a longer time . Therefore here :z02_verwarnung:
I will be missing you in the forum .

Best regards Jürgen
I will try to fill the gap during those few weeks, although I will not be able to do it as good as Paul. Because of time restrictions, I will not be able to be as often online as Paul did, but I will try to do my best.

Please bear in mind, that Paul will have no internet access probably during the whole time. So he can not answer to PMs.

Best regards
I am back again!
Thanks Dirk for looking out after the Hasselblad forum

Glad to see all is quiet at the Hasselblad front except of course the arrival of Phocus 1.0
Apple must be happy with this new software.
It helps boost sales for their latest computers with more powerfull graphic cards.