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Nikon Coolscan 8000



Opinions about real life experiences of the Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 would be very interesting. I read a lot about bandwith problems with this scanner, but do not know, whether this was only limited to the first production line.

Any comments are appreciated.

I purchased a Nikon 8000 some time ago.I had a Nikon 4000 initially which failed after 2 months usage.The Nikon 8000 lasted 6 days.A call to Nikon tech service was disappointing.I was told it would need to be shipped to their service center for repair.I returned the unit to my dealer for a refund and decided to purchase the Imacon 'PHOTO' model. The Imacon has proved to be the finest product providing excellent scans and the versatility of custom holders for the XPAN and 6x17 formats.The Nikon had some attractive features ,but the Imacon, is in my opinion, a far better unit.
That sounds interesting. What is the average street price for the Imacon?
How far can you go ? The 8000 is a great scanner, on par with the best ?

We must agree that at this level of scanning the "differences" are very hard to notice, only side to side comparing....

Look at a 272 MO 4 x 14 bit scan from the 8000 and decide.

I have done Ilford HP5 plus on 6x6 format and printed to espon 2100 via impageprint 5 onto archival paper, no comment its just what I have always seeked and compares to selium prints I used to make when time was less of an issue.

As a publisher I receive a large amount of scanned photos. As I mainly publish books on art, design and photography our demands to the quality of the scans are very high. The only scans that comes close to drum-scans are the Imacon-scans witch is a semi drum / semi flatbed tecnique. Unfortunatly the prices start at about 8000 euro, but you are awarded with some super software and a very high density witch is very important in reproducing good scans. As they have introduced a third generation (I think) Imacon scanner the prices for a second hand must be resonable - and its mostly productivity enhancements on the new models (I stand to be corrected if this is not so) My focus is mainly scans to be used in the printing process (4-6 colour printing) for books magazines and brochures, my expierience with lamda-print and epson-prints are not significant though I have seen beautiful results with epson prints on German Hahnemühle Böttenpapers with special ink-jet coating on top of the structured aqvarelle paper surface !
Hi Dirk,

I just bought the nikon 8000 scanner, and so far have not experienced the bandwidth or any problem i have read in forums about it. Maybe Nikon found a way to correct/improve the software that came with it. I am not an expert on digital stuff but so far, i have been happy with the scans i get from my unit. i have yet to receive the xpan film carrier from Nikon which i ordered recently to scan my xpan neg/positives.

I have the 8000 and have used it for about 8 months and have experienced no problems. I have found the results to be tack sharp and true when importing to PS. I would recommend it without reservations to anyone who needs to work in the various formats. I find it to be slow but where quality is concerned what is the hurry? richard

Nikon announced 2 days ago 3 new film scanners. Among them the new 9000 ED which seems to replye the older 8000 ED. But I have not looked yet at the specifications. Prices are not available yet for the 9000 ED. It will be at the dealers in spring 2004 (at least in Germany).