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News for the photo gallery of Hasselbladinfocom etc


Dear Hasselblad users,

we updated our photo gallery and added some nice new features to it.

We made also some changes in display size of the medium format images. We increased now the minimum to 400 pixel and decreased the maximum to 600 pixel (down from 800 pixel) on the longest side. We try to kill with this some attempts to upload images, that are too small to really enjoy them. Large format is still 1200x1200.

Another advantage of this change: With this and a few other tweaks, we succeeded to speed up the gallery, so that users with a slow internet connection have still fun looking at the images.

We also added a ton of new features for display options, creating a personal album, slideshow etc., just check it out...

We also introduced a daily upload limit, so that each uploaded image also has the chance to get enough attention from all users for comments etc.. The daily upload limit depends on the userlevel.

Registered users, who are not donators/supporters of have a maximum of 1 image per day. Bronze and Silver level have 4 images per day and Gold members have 10 images per day.

Due to the demand we offer now also for newbies, who are not yet Bronze, Silver or Gold members, the possibility to test the creation of personal albums.

We will also push in the future more in the direction of photo-competitions in the gallery. Since now the weather is getting better, it is time to get out and use the camera

So it is worth it to check the new gallery out. Just play with all features and get used to it.

We will change and improve soon the layout of our site. Although this is just cosmetically, we want to make you aware of this.

But we will announce the switch to the new layout as soon as we are ready with it. So stay tuned...

Your team