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New Member
Hi Guys!
I'm a photo-amateur, I come from north Italy.
I shot with Leica M6 TTL, it is a great camera.
Today ai like change medium format.
I think that Hassi 503CW kit is the best choice for myself.
The difference is consistent of my 35mm?
Many thank's for the response.
Luca, Have you considered the Contax 645?
I use a Leica M6 and although I owned a Hasselblad 500cm, I now use the C645.
It is an incredible camera!(IMO)
Hello Luca, ciao amico,
do you have used some 500 system? it is diferent than to use one M6. The question is why you want to change? what to you need, more than with the Leica M.?. Wich kind of picture do you use to do? Is it only for the name of Hassy? or it is for the big size of film? Do you want to use both format, or only the 6x6.?.
I think that you have to answer to all this kind of question.
My point of view, because I use both. My kind of pictures, is about people, in the street, dance, studio. And with the M6 it is the best camera, small, noiseless for the dance. The M6 like XPan, they are not for architecture, for this I use the 28-PC with Leica-R, or the 4x5inch. What I like in the Hassy, it is the square format, you can have more place for diferent view. With the Hassy you need time to take the light with one external meter. With the Hassy you can need to use one tripod. And the noise is very important, all people hear you if they don't have seen you before.
Wich kind of lenses do you need? or with you M6, which lense do you use? 35? 50? 90? With the kit you will receive the 80mm, it is like the 50 for M6. Is it the lense that you allways have on your camera? if it isok, but if not, you have to change idea: one Hassy, with the 50 or 60mm, and maybe one 100mm, and one 180mm. It is not like the 80mm, the view is different. But your view is yours, and only you can know what you need. Usually, I buy one lense that for long time I need, and when I have it, it is not a surprise.
I hope to know your choice, and point of view. Good luck.!.
Ciao, a presto.
Many thank's for the response.
I use 35,50,90 for my Leica.
I think that 35mm is very small...
In this month I use one Hassy 500 CM with 80mm.
I developed many films ( AGFA APX100 in Rodinal 1+50).
I'm enthusiastic of the result!!!
6X6 is very sharp, contrast is super, ...
I don't have others words...
Hello Luca,
I'm interested about wich kind of pictures you get with your Hassy, and how you work with.
Do you have some pics to put on the Gallery? so we can speak about it.
About your APX-100 and Rodinal, how do you work?
Do you use the time given by Agfa? or you have analized with the density of gray, like in zone system?
Have a nice gray.
I haven't Gallery on-line.
But I developed APX100 in Rodinal 1+50 for 17',
important is expose 160ASA.
The result is very nice, sharp, contrast is high.
But I have one problem ...
I haven't decise of new Hassi ...
I'm confused.
Hello Luca,
For APX-100 and Rodinal, how do you find the right sensibility of 160 ASA.?. Do you have made some test? and if it is can you give us, how do you do this.?. or maybe you decide it with no technical support. I test film, like for sheet film, we have to find the right sensibility, and after this we have to find the good time, zone-1 and zone-8. It depends about a lot of things: I have a friend that for the same test, he find other parameter, with the same film and developer. Let me know what are the good rules for you, if you have some.
For buying your new Hassy, what is the problem? Do you have to decide for new or used? or for what to buy.?.
For new equipement, do you know the ? if not I think that it is a good one, for prices. If you know other sites it is good to communicate, so we can find other good things too.
You don't say us what do you like to photograph.
Next week do you go in Venezia, for the Carnival?