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Newbie HELP with lens mounting


New Member
My girlfriend and I just received a beautiful 500 C/M that has been in her family since it was new. We both have bachelor's degrees in photography and both own Mamiya 645 MF systems.
We (I) have taken the standard lens off of the body and cannot get it back on. Nothing is visibly damaged and I didn't hear anything fall to the ground when I took it off. We have both tried FOR HOURS to get it back on and also let another photographer try. I am hoping someone here has a suggestion. I can snap some pictures of the flange and mount if it will help. Thank You guys, Dan
Golden rules for Hasselblads: both the body and the lens need to be cocked before you can join or seperate them. Cocked lens: shutter is open. Cocked body: auxiliary shutter closed, mirror down. Cocking the body is easy, just turn the winding knob/crank clockwise. If the lens needs cocking, take a small coin (a US dime or somesuch) and gently turn the slotted driveshaft on the back of the lens clockwise until the shutter opens and the lens 'clicks' into its shutter-open state.

All of this should be done without forcing things. If things don't go easily don't force them and ask again.

hope this helps, Wilko
Hi Dan,

> We both have bachelor's degrees in photography

There are, of course, schools dedicated to photography (NESOP New England School of Photography), and colleges/universities that offer photography as part of a degree program...but I've never seen any schools that offered bachelor's degrees specifically in photography. What school(s) was/were this/these from?


THANK YOU SO MUCH, the lens cocking worked like a charm. we are very happy. thank you thank you thank you. Now we can finally run some film through this sucker...

BTW It's actually a BFA in Film and Photography, but I definately had a STRONG concentration in still photography. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). It was not what I'd consider a technical school, definately an emphasis on fine art (concept and meaning).
now the aux shutter and mirror are not returning regularly, does it need to be professionally serviced? Also, why do the aperture and shutter speed rings seem coupled on the lens, shouldn't they twist independently? Man this camera makes me feel dumb...feel free to refer me to a good guide site so you don't have to answer my newbie questions ; ).

You should read a manual for the camera. It is freely available from even though you have to register.

Specifically about the the mirror and shutter: They doesn't return and open until you cock the camera again. The aux. shutter should return as soon as you release the trigger button.
There is a small "grip" on the right side of the aperture scale which you pull ever so slighty backwards. This will release the aperture scale from the time scale and you can set the time or aperture independently.
The idea about having the two connected is that the light normally doesn't vary that much, so you can quickly change the depht of focus vs. time without having to change both settings.
The manual is also available here:

without the need to register.
Thank you guys, that was useful. The aux. shutter in the body is definately sticking, preventing the cocking/winding action. Sometimes a little shake of the camera will release it or pulling on the shutter release.

Can anyone recommend a professional service shop in the LA, Long Beach area? Or can you sent it to Hasselblad?

I would send it to David, but if you don't want to send it, contact me as there are some local options.