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New user of Hasselblad


New Member
I am a new user of Hasselblad after winning some bodies and lenses at a recent auction. I have had some problems after testing a few rolls of 120 film. I cannot change a 4/150 lens even though I depress the lower button. What am i doing there some trick to this?
Make sure the camera is wound. The lens can not be removed unless the body is cocked. We all made this mistake the first time!
Lens changing

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Lenses can only be removed or mounted if the camera is cocked.

If a film back is past the last image you can not cock the camera.
Remove the film back, cock the camera, depress the bottom right button, as seen from the front, and turn the lens anti clockwise.
The lens should come free now.

You can find a manual for the camera at:
Before you have acces to the download section you are asked to register as a user.
If you have an older camera like a 500C use the 501C model and your camera number to register.
The camera number can be found at the bottom of the side facing the film back.

Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

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