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New to Medium Format and to Hasselblad


Hello everybody

I have acquired a new 501 CM kit two days ago. I have extensive experience with 35mm (Nikon) but new to all this. My lense is 80mm CFE 2,8 with a 60mm dia. What is the ideal thing to do to protect the lens ? - as in buy a converter ring and use screw-in filters of larger dia ? etc.

Thanks in advance
Just buy a 60Bay UV filter. With a converter (step-up) ring, you won't be able to use your outer bayonet lens shade.

Congratulations on your purchase.

Hasselblad offers and 60mm bayonet adapter that accepts 62mm threaded filters, which will allow you to use the bayonet shade, pro-shade, or a threaded shade if you if you prefer.

I would recommend that you download the new Hasselblad Catalog if you do not have one and carefully read the product applications you are interested in as they are sometimes different than what 35mm system users might expect. Like the one you have just encountered.

Good Shooting
>Short addition. Many other companies make B60 - 62 adaptors (and to 67mm >too).Some also make filters in the B60 fitting for Hasselblad. May be cheaper.
Hi Kommini!

Welcome to the "club"!! Good choice. BTW what was the price/condition of Your Hassi?

Thank you Ronn, Gilbert and Nick. I am going in for a hassy UV SKY 60mm dia bayonet filter and a corresponding lens hood for the present. Will take Gilbert's advice about 60b to 62 screw for later filters....

Wolfgang, My 501 CM is brand new, I had it bought in Hong Kong for US$ 2,000 + $100 for the guy who brought it over. I am in India.

Hi there!

Since I am also new I would like to aks for help: I still have some problems with the square format, because I always think in 24x36. Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Warmest regards
Hello again

If I buy an adapter ring ( B60 to 62)and use 62mm screw-in filters, what happens to the lens cap ? Do I have to buy a 'generic, clip-on, 62mm' cap and put it on my spanking new hassy ? ( how dare ? ...joking).


That (using a generic clip-on cap) is indeed what you have to do. But pick one that is a bit too wide, and you will have to remove the hood before putting on the cap. And perhaps there even aren't ones that are not too wide.

But what filter(s) are you considering? It would be easier perhaps to just remove the filter when done with it and use the Hasselblad cap. But that is assuming you don't intend the filter to be a permanent fixture.

Thank you, I may have to buy a clip on. On the other hand, are there any caps available for the hood itself ? I don't think the new hassy hoods come with a cap


The hoods do indeed not come with a cap.
I'm not sure about caps available that fit over the hood. I think someone used to make them that would fit the smaller size square hoods that were made for the bayonet 50 C lenses. But i don't anay are available today that will fit over the bay 60 or even larger bay 70 hoods.
But then, you can always try and find something out of which you can fashion such a thing. For instance, maybe a draw string bag of some sort can be pulled over the hood?

Q.G. de Bakker

I just remembered (and braved the hurdle of having to provide username and password yet a few times more... Site-owner, please can you reduce the number of times we have to type our username and password. Please!!! I clicked my may to this discussion, posted one answer, had to go back, and posted another one. There must be a way of doing that without the need of providing the same username and password for no less then 7 times (8, if i do not close this site after posting this reply):

Have a look at
and their HoodHat. It must not be too hard to make something similar.
skin a snake, about 5 ft long. Cut off it's tail and head, roll back the remaining portion and voila! You've got yourself a perfect hood. Cobras work best.

Yes, I have already started on fashioning a nice cover for the hood - a sawn off square plastic bottle !
I am sorry about having to enter username password so many times ! I started this thread, but I don't think I have any rights to change it's behaviour. If you know how I can change, I will

Hi Shootpixter
Thank you for your suggestion of making a hood with cobra skin! The trouble is I already have a Hasselblad hood. I was merely looking for a cover for the hood - which I am sure can be fashioned out of human hide, but color may not match !! thanx

Hello Kommini,

It's of-topic, and i shouldn't have brought it up, but now that i have, i must assure you that i was not blaming you for this. This username and password thing is nothing you can change. It is due to this site keeping track of logins by setting cookies.
Cookies are frowned upon by my firewall, and by me. There are other ways of providing/prohibiting access.

With cookies set, by the way (and to continue a bit on this off-topic topic), the username and password are transmitted to my computer to be "automagically" included in the webform provided to post this reply. Now i really must wonder, how secure is that?
Hello Qnu and otheres,

When I look thru my (W/L) finder, I see some small black specs - very small and several like say about 15 or 16 of them randomly placed over the entire view finder. What are they ? They seem to be some debris from the camera which is either on the mirror or on the focusing screen. How to clean it ?
Thanx for any ideas.


It's dust.
The mirror and focussing screen is rather large, and offer &le room for dust and other particles to settle.
And with the open waist level finder there is no way to prevent this.

Dust also settles on both sides of the viewfinder loups, and on the glass surface of a prism finder.

But don't worry about it. A blower brush will clean it all away. Be sure not to use anything else on the mirror, and even the blower brush more as a blower than as a brush, since the mirror surface is very easily scratched.

Dust on the mirror, focussing screen and viewfinder is annoying, but will not harm your pictures. Dust on the lens, especially the rear lens surface will (if large, or plentiful enough). So devote most of your "brushing energy" on keeping the lens clean.
But don't overdo it. ;-)
Thank you Qnu.
But it does not look like dust to me. It looks more like small irregular shaped paint flakes or felt chips. I guess dust or flakes or chips, it is the same thing...not to worry. My camera is too new to collect any dust yet, lol

hi kommini,a dust blower is real dumb advice to give you to get rid of mirror seal sponge material that is breaking up, and will not stop until it is replaced. regards juergen