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New section in Hasselbladinfo needed


Does the announcement of yesterday/today (23/24 August 2005) mean this section has to be renamed to plain "H", or must another section be added?

I see an H1 with new firmware, an Imacon back that now takes memory cards, an even closer tie of camera with (Imacon!) back ("cross-platform" apparently means making it more difficult for digital backs of other brands being used), loss of the film option.

I think renaming to plain "H" will do fine.
What do you think?

we added a H2/H2D section, since Hasselblad will surely come up with more models over the next 20 years
Exactly, the H1 and the new H2 are the same camera, so a H1D section may be the way to go.
Do you have a section for the Flexcolor Software? or the new DNG format?
May be sections should be (1)H1/H2 (2)Hasselblad Digital backs (3) H1D/H2D (4)Flexcolor software & (5) Hasselblad Scanners. The only difference between H1 & H2 looks like ability to turn on & off Digi backs from battery grip. The difference between H1D & H2D looks like ability of CF cards and the on/off switch on battery grip, as software can be updated for H1D. Though the Yahoo Forum for Imacon seems to be handle quite a lot of traffic for the software.

we have already sections for Hasselblad accessories. All discussion about digital backs can be undertaken there.

We have also a section for darkroom questions. IMO all software for the digital darkroom should go there.

If you find another structure more useful, we are open for any proposals/discussions.

The fact that we made a specific H2/H2D section was more because of the history. The H2/H2D is the first joint development after the merger of Hasselblad with Imacon...
"The H2/H2D is the first joint development after the merger of Hasselblad with Imacon..."

Not exactly true, that.
The H1D was.
(Even though all it was was a plain H1, with new batch, and a Imacon back in H1-trim bundled with it).

I think the current structure is fine.
Maybe the H1 bit needs "H1D" added to its name (but i repeat myself. Sorry!)

The question i had (still have) is whether the H2 differs enough to merit the new name (and a separate section).
But that's more about the camera than about the division of this nice Forum (though i have a profound aversion against the grey-on-grey 'design') into sections.