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New Movie "Shutter" Features Hassy V

Thanks for the thought Mike, but the link needs all sorts of plug-ins making it difficult to view.

Interestingly I have recently seen a couple of movies / TV shows where the photographers camera is a Hassy - brand power!!
Sorry, Simon - I'm using a Mac and it came up without installing anything additional.
For many people V series cameras are still considered professional cameras.
Everybody seems to know that except Hasselblad.......
I was amazed how many people do recognise a Hasselblad and mention the name with respect.
During our moderator meeting we went to the old center of Recklinghausen and took some pictures.
I like to carry the Hasselblad without a camera bag ready to use.
Many people called the name.
What Cola is for softdrinks is Hasselblad for cameras.
To built that kind of reputation costs a fortune and takes half a lifetime.
Many thanks Mike. The 503CW looks great.

Yes, Hasselblad is actually an iconic brand. Like some said, it is interesting to see that a professional MF camera brand is so readily recognised and respected in every day life.

I have found that shooting the 503CW with winder in the street never gets a bad reaction - rather it gets respect.

Had anyone seen the result of an international brand survey.

Amateur Photographer published it about 9 months ago. The #1 recognised product brand (personal items) was Leica. #2 was iPod.

Now that was a shock!! Maybe Hasselblad was #3?? :)
Hello Simon,

You have statistics, bad statistics and pure lies. Which is it to be?

Any poll can give the outcome you want it to have by manipulating the questions.

How true Paul.

But the credibility of the survey was in the organisation that ran it - not commissioned by any one company and did involve some thousands of respondents and it had no links to an industry. I think it was just as surprising to Leica!! :)