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New kid in the block 500cm normal kit


New Member
Hi there!

Today, by a friend tip, I bough a nice Hasselblad 500cm with A12 back and the black 80mm T 2.8 lens. Ebay rulez

I'll pick it up next tuesday in London and will be using it on spair times in Dublin (business trip)

I'm a Canon 10D user, Olympus OM user, Rolleiflex user, and Minolta AF user. yeah... I know... too many systems.

Anyway, Hasselblad allways seemed a very expensive system that I would never be able to afford. But then again I paid 1300 euros for my 10D... These days you can get a 500cm KIT for half that price or even less.

I have a a renewed interest in landscape and portrait photography... so I decided to invest a bit more in MF. And what can be better than a Hasselblad?

Any tips out there for a new Hassy user?

Like... good internet resources, info, manuals, stuff like that.

Also tips on guear are welcome

Best regards

Joao Cardoso
Congrats Joao.

Hasselblad rule # 1 - Never change the apature/shutter speed combination before you have wind the exposure. Otherwise...

Welcome here.

Excuse me, Pal, nothing personal, but that piece of "advice" is complete and utter nonsense.
Where did you get that from?

You can change the shutterspeed and aperture any time you want.

If there is a rule # 1 it is never try to remove or attach anything (lens, extension tube, bellows) to or from the camera's lens mount (or extension tube or bellows already/still attached to the camera) unless both camera and item-to-be-attached/removed are cocked (when removing things, the item will be cocked when the camera is).

Rule #2 is to attach and remove items one at a time. When attaching work from the camera outwards, when removing work towards the camera.

Rule #3: never use force.
If at any time it would appear that force is needed to do anything, there's something wrong. Usually user error: check the "cocked state" of camera and lens.

Apart from that, the thing to remember is that it is a manual camera, and therefore extremely simple and easy to use.

Thanks to u all

I hope I manage to get some pictures when I return from my business trip.

If anyone knows a good place in Dublin to develop and scan the b&w medium format films let me know ;)


João Cardoso

Congrats for your purchase, for sure it will deliver you, great photographic moments!
E para finalizar, diverte-te com essa fantástica peça de precisão.


Ois André,


I got my slides yesterday and them seem great. I need to scan them when I get back home

It was strange to be on the street with a digital camera to use as a spot meter and then using hasselblad for the shots
Most people would call me crazy, but I find that a digital compact camera is much cheaper than a dedicated spot meter and it does the work very well. In 24 slides, only 2 came out under-exposed

PS: És o André que estava no fotosensivel? Se fores manda um email para :
joao . s . cardoso @ gmail . com.