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New in hassiebs world


New Member
hey everyone,
i want to buy my first hassie but i don't know what should i take, a 500c or a 500cm?
can you give me some advice to start well?
thanks, raphaël.
(excuse my english i'm french...)
> Hello Raffaël, The big difference between these 2 age. The first 500c was made in 1957 the latest in 1970. The first cm was made in 1971 and the latest in 1986. So in my opinion you have to by the cm the other ones are to old. Keep also attention to the numerbers in the body, the give you the produtionyear of the body and the bags. Also for the leses try to buy the most recent you can offer. So keep looking for the CF lenses and not for the C lenses. Even if it take a while you are better off. Try to by the best also the prices Hasselblad are going down. Good Luck Marc

If you need some translation in Frensh, mail me off line and i'll do my best for you.
The last 500 C/M was made in the mid-1990s, when the 500 C/M was replaced by the 501 C.
So they may be even newer than you say, Marc.
One of the nice changes in CM compared to the C is that on the CM you can exchange focusing screens yourself. On a C this is a repair person's job.
>thanks for your answers marc and bakker, can you tell me just a last thing, what should be the price for a 500cm with a back 12a and and a 80mm planar t* 2.8 (the new one is is the b60?)? i saw pretty good offers on what do you think? thanks, raphaël.
Hi Raphaël, I just wanted you to know that I'm selling a 500 c/m classic body (year of production 91/92) and is the special edition of 50years. the body is in "almost new" condition (very little use) and I have pictures if you want. the price is around 400Euro. it comes complete with front and rear caps and view finder (with original box).
Thanks to all.

The dreaded "how much" question...
The answer is: it depends.

First, on how much it is worth to you. I have seen things sell for amounts of money i thought were way too high. On the other hand, i have bought stuff myself for amounts other people might think ridiculous.
Sandro's 500 C/M will be worth more than a regular 500 C/M to some people, because of it being the 50th anniversary edition (which, by the way, were not a limited edition, so no 'rarity-value'). Others may not care about "special editions", and do not want to pay more for this camera than they would for any other 500 C/M in similar condition.

Second, it depends on condition.
A beaten and bruised camera, lens or back, or a well preserved s&le of the same will of course not cost the same.

Third, it depends on type/version.
You mention an 80 mm lens, and the bayonet 60.
There are three versions 80 mm lens (C, CF, CFE) you could use, the first version coming in two sub-versions (T and T*). Of these three, there are two (CF, CFE) with bayonet 60 front mount.
Assuming similar condition (very hard, considering that there may be an almost 50 year age difference between the first and the current version 80 mm lens), prices will vary a lot because of the different versions alone.

Fourth, it depends on the market.
The best way to find out what a good price would be is by shopping around, comparing prices.

That last thing (shop around) is what you need to do. See what the things you want go for regularly. Then see if you can find a bargain. If not, be prepared to buy for the 'regular' price.
thanks for your offer sandro but if think it should be cheaper if i buy the body, the lens and the back at the same time.
>Hello Raffaël, thi right price, that's a difficult one. It depends on many things. How old, there can be a difference for more than 10 years. Who worked whit it (amature/pro), what is the condition is etc. and at least how bad you want it. Go and see on E-bay, put some items in your follow up and see afterwards what happened. So you can see what the price on tha marked is.

Keep in mind the numberindacation/registrationnumber so you can see how old it is.

btw don't forget the 503cx ore 503cm (more recent) the have the OTL/TTL flash connection.

Hope you will find a beautiful/good piece of Hassy and enjoy it. I love mine and I will never miss it.

this seems to be a good deal. As for some pictures, take a look at the numbers. The price is not bad at all, if it is a 92 model.


It is your buy, up to you to decide.

To me it seems to be "TO USED". There are better things on the marked even when this one cost you "only" +- 550 euro's. The lens is old - verry old, the back is a used one and it seems to be an earlier type also if you check the back of the body you can see that this one had has his life. Check the numbers.

Do not buy the first one you see there are more.

bye Marc
but i'm looking for a hasselblad since 2 month, and i can't pay more than $750 for the kit, it reduce the opportunitys particularly to buy one with a cf or cfe lens.
Hi - I tried to respond to the original post, but used "reply", instead of the proper method.
First, I am an amateur, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
As best I know, the only "real" difference between a 500C and a 500C/M is that the focus screen can be changed by you, rather than by a professional.
My recommendation would be to buy a 500C/M, unless price is a problem, then a 500C will work fine.
In my experience, if you are patient, you can find a good 500C/M for $500-600 on Ebay. This would be one with an A-12 back and a good 80mm t* lens. But it will require patience.

I have used a 500C for a while and just shot the pictures of a friend's wedding using it on the beach in Hawaii. I have to say that the pictures all came out perfect (except for ones which I screwed up).
I have just bought a 500C/M on Ebay and will be switching to that soon, but I just bought it for the interchangable screen feature. The 500C works fine.
My recommendation is similar to one of the previous ones - watch Ebay for a month without bidding and see what the prices are. Then either buy one on Ebay, or somewhere else, but make sure you know the price and condition of what you are buying - I have bought almost all my camera equipment on Ebay and haven't had a problem yet. I simply use the person't feedback to see if I trust them or not - so far, no problems.

Good luck - don't rush to buy, there is always another camera out there and possible for a better price.

Ted Rose
A second post - I just looked at the pictures - my question would be - how well do you know or trust the seller? If you feel that he/she is a person you can trust, $500 is a good price. But if the camera doesn't work properly or needs servicing, you can easily spend another $300-400 on repairs/servicing (possibly more).


P.S. if you buy the camera in pieces (lens, body, back separatly) you might get a better price. I found my 500C/M body for $125 on Ebay and have bought several A12 film backs for less than $100 each, simply by being patient. I haven't bought many lenses, but I have found very good 80MM T* lenses for about $200 with no problem.
hey ted, what is a good 80mm t* for you? a planar CF or a CFE? thanks. ps: the seller is a man you can trust, he works for and his feedback is very good rated.
As I mentioned, I am purely amateur, I will have to look at my lens tonight to verify, but I believe it is a C T*.

If he is associated with KEH, or especially if it is KEH, I would suspect that he can be trusted. You might ask if it has had a CLA recently or not - if so, then it sounds like a good deal to me at $500.

YMMV - Ted - best of luck
> Rapahel, you should avoid C type lenses because the reapiring is becomi ng more and more difficult as time goes by (at least here in Italy)- and an online buying has some risks. CF lenses should be your first choice, or y ou should find a C type lens "amateur owned" and in mint (or mint minus) con dition. I don't know if the price will be cheap then. As you can see by yourself a good kit should be around 900/800 dollars, if that kit is so cheap (the

one you've posted) ther's a reason. Nice stuff normally costs a little bi t more than very very used ones (personally I find the one up there really hugly
. Good luck in your searching and happy new year to everybody. Sandro
i've found a good kit with a really nice planar t* 80mm CB, the body is a bit old (1979) but it is mint. what do you think? bye bye, raphaël.