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New image discussion etc in the forum


Dear Hasselblad users,

we have implemented some new topics at Beside the traditional gear talk which we changed slightly we have introduced today also different sections for uploading images within the forum and discussing them there. This will be an additional way of showing images beside our normal photo gallery that you know already. We want to give you the possibility to talk more about "the output", the actual image within the forum and getting tips for specific shooting situations.

Upload size limit is 800 pixel on the longest side and 130KB. This will deliver very good image quality.

The sections are seperated into Wildlife & Nature, landscape, City, Still life & Abstract, People Photography, Black & White, Macro, Sports, Wedding and Digital Art.

Additionally we opened a new topic for the casual chat while you are waiting for your prints or scans. You can discuss everything there, which does not really fit in the other sections. So basically everything "off-topic".

Please check your e-mail notifications in your profile for these new topics so that you get e-mail notifications of them:

Have fun with it

Your Team