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New H2 H2D and more

> I wonder if some features of the new H2 software can be added to > the existing H1 systems via a firmware update?
Soon Hasselblad USa will offer an upgrade for the H1 it costs $500 and is basically the 7.2v grip and charger plus the latest firmware.

Hopefully this will give even more custom options.
Hi Steve

Are there any specific "Custom option" that you are missing in the H1?

Niklas Granhage
H-system firmware development
Hi Niklas,
I just had my H1 firmware updated and it shows 9.1.0 but is there anyways I can find the list of what items/contents should be included in this update? This way I can check it against & learn more @ the advantages now I have with my H1.

How much would a H1 with upgraded software still differ from the H2?
Is the difference, apart from the battery, all in the firmware? Or are there other hardware differences?

Of course there are hardware differences. The H2 can supply the CFH digital back with power. The upgrade mentioned earlier in this thread also includes a hardware upgrade.

Niklas Granhage
H-system firmware development
Niklas, are you sure that the H2 can supply power to the CFH back?

As far as I know, the only back that is powered by the H2 camera grip battery is the H2D which won't accept a film back. The CFH back requires a supplemental, clip on battery and only fits the H cameras, as does the CF which can be adapted to any MF camera via interface plates.