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New H1D


Now the new H1D is announced at Photokina & also on Hassey's site. Was anyone at the show and heard what will the estimated price of the H1D? Being 23MP back I guess to be near $20k, since earlier this year they were bundling it for $23k+/-. Any info would be helpful.
The recommended retail price is 19,000 Euros.
Add another 25% and you'll have the price in US$ (and come close to the US$ 23 you mention).

For that you get the H1D with viewfinder and 80 mm lens.
Cheap it is not.

By the way, it is "only" 22 MP, not 23. ;-)
> Do I understand you correctly? The H1D with view-finder and 80mm lens will cost about $23,000? Does anyone have an adjective that can modify the stupidity of Hasselblad....the camera will cost as much as a compact car? Who in heaven's name will buy the gear? Turn off the lights when you leave the factory...

At present the Digital Backs (i.e.Imacon & Phase one) for 20+ MP plus H1 DOES run from $22K to $25K and more. I was just hoping that now Hasselblad owning Imacon, the H1D should be cheaper, but apparently price has not going down by much.

Yes, the arrogance displayed earlier (remember how much the 205 costs?), the "we can ask anything we like because we are Hasselblad" idiocy still reigns in the Scandinavian offices.

They stopped producing 200-series cameras because though they could *ask* anything they wanted, nobody (or near nough) was willing to *pay* what they were asking.
Surprise? Not to anyone except the marketing folk in Gothenburg.

Now after a reshuffle, after letting go of many of their staff, the marketing staff and their arrgogance remained unchanged...

Shall *we* predict the future of this enterprise? It's not too hard to do, is it? Not very hard at all.

But *we* are not employed by the Company...
Soon, only the marketing staff will be. They will be kept busy distributing Cosina products all over the world.

Bye bye Hasselblad.

I have an Information brochure from Hasselblad at Photokina in Cologne. The recommended retail price with the H1D, viewfinder and HC 80mm lens, is 18.900 €. A few weeks ago, I heard a price of 24.000€, so it`s`much cheaper. Why waiting ;-))
Got a quote for H1D, 22MP,80mm, viewfinder for $21995. MSRP. For the cheapest back Imacon/Hasselblad 96C 16MP for $12,995. plus $850. for the adopter.BTW it would be cheaper to buy H1D in States than in Europe. Today's rate is 1.Euro=$1.22+, so Christian's price of H1D in Europe 18,900Euro= $23,243.22. While it is $21,995. in States. I hope now they won't raise their price in States.
I was very recently quoted £21500 (GBP) JUST for the Imacon Digital 22MP back for a 503CW system. So $22000 for the back AND an H1 seems like a bit of a bargain to me! (Relatively speaking) Antony.
Imacon/Haselblad 22MP back sells here for $23,995 plus $850 for the adopter. i.e at todays rate of $1.=0.561104GBP amounts to 13,463.6 GBP. I think I'm going to change my profession.
Anyone heard the U.S. price for the new HC 300mm f4.5 for the H1? Can someone tell me the approximate 35mm equivalency of this lens? What is the equivalent length for this lens with the addition of the 1.7 teleconverter? Dreaming for the spring.
Still haven't heard @ $ for 300mm. But wouldn't the equivalent length of 300mm with 1.7 converter will be 510mm? Unless you are thinking somehow angle of vision will be different than a conventional lens( i.e 500mm).
Hi Shishir,
It truly can be awkward to be an American, where I must have everything translated into familiar U.S. jargon before I can process the info. Additionally, I still relate perspectives to 35mm format rather than the medium format which I'm now using. Nonetheless, I must function within my limitations. I had to go to the H1 web site-which I don't have the link to at the moment-and translate. Plus what I got talking to my Hasselblad tech guy. Correct me if I'm wrong. These are the specs on the new HC300 f4.5
300mm=approx. 35 mm equiv.: 176 mm
with 1.7 teleconverter (which will not operate in AF in this combo): 299mm.
Weight: 2120 grams: 4.67 pounds
Closest focusing distance: 2.5 meters: 8.2ft. I assume that I'll be able to use the H52mm extension tube which I own and have used successfully with my HC 150 mm. No idea what the resultant close focusing distance would become. If I'm in error anybody feel free to correct me. Also heard that this lens should be available in the U.S. by first of 2005. No mention of price.
Hi Roberto,
Yes, I am an american too and tech specs is as complicated as trying to decipher the political ads these coming hours. :) This is my interpretation. Diagonal angle of view is bases of my comparison, bigger the angle of view means wider the lens. (disregarding the format descrencies i.e.35mm against 645, as 35mm gives more panoramic view when compared to H1 format)300mm HC lens the diagonal angle of view is 13 degree. The 180mm lens for 35mm camera has diagonal angle of view of 13.7 degrees. (105mm lens for 35mm camera is 23.5 degrees) So when you add 1.7x converter that should give 510mm on Hassey, which means angle of view will be less than 8degrees & 10minutes. Thus it will feel like you are using 310mm lens or better on a 35mm camera. Just remember the 35mm film is more panoramic, when compared to 120mm film. Because you will have more coverage heightwise, it really should impart a different feel, I think better. Re; closest focusing distance I am not sure what that will be after adding 1.7x. What effect 1.7x you noticed on your other HC lenses? BTW 180mm lens on 35mm camera gives diagonal angle of view of 13.7degrees, compared to 13degrees on 300mm HC lens. i.e 300mm HC = more closer to 190mm on 35mm camera.
I only own two HC lenses: the 150 3.2 & the 35 3.5. I've only used the teleconverter with the 150. Autofocus will work. As for the resulting image: the only way that I know that I've used the teleconverter is because on the edge of the transparency is the imprint: 250mm (it's really 255 but who cares?) Carefully examing images with my Mamiya 3.5x loupe for 645 & 6x6 on a light table I cannot discern any quality difference-in the center or edge-to-edge-between the image with and without the teleconverter. Only magnification and slower speed. I forgot to mention earlier: the
300 f4.5 uses the same filter size as the 35: 95mm.