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New features in the photo gallery


Dear Medium Format users,

we installed today the newest version of our photo gallery and could add with this many new features for you.

- Photo uploads now have options to disable ratings/comments on the photo by the member

- AJAX technology to control scrolling of the calendar pal (click on the arrows)

- AJAX technology to allow reshufflling of the \\"random features\\" pal

- AJAX technology to display EXIF Information on a photo

- AJAX technology to allow scrolling of the filmstrip previews (forward and back)

- Close Comments to an open photo (comments continue to display, just no new ones allowed)

- Open Comments - undo the above

- Notices about comments to a photo include finally the message

- Notification emails about new comments are not sent when poster adds a comment

- 5 minute timelimit for editing your own comments

- added UBBThreads7 integration

...and many more. Feel free to test it out!

We also increased the diskspace for guests/test accounts from 1MB to 10MB. Guests can upload now a maximum of 4 images per 24h (counted in hours, not per day)

Enjoy the new features and make what photograpahy is all about: take pictures and show them around

Your photo gallery