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New feature for Hasselblad-Club members...


Dear Hasselblad users,

we have a new feature for our Club members. From now on, you can subscribe to a subforum of your interest and you will get notified as soon as someone else has opened a new thread within this forum.

You will get the whole content of this first posting of this new thread.

But please bear in mind, that this is NOT a notification about all new POSTs within a thread. Only new threads are sent to you and only the very first opening post of that specific thread.

To be able to use this feature, you have to be Hasselblad-Club member (see your Hasselblad control panel). as soon as you are, you go to the forum you are interested in , i.e. the V-System and click at the top on "Forum-Tools" (see screenshot)


and select in the pull-down menu "Subscribe to this forum". Now the "new thing" is the option on the next page. See next sreenshot:


Here you can now select as a Club member "Instant notification by email" (all others will have only the option for daily & weekly digests without content)

From now on you will get then an alert by email as soon as another user is posting a new thread (not a new post).

So this is a step forward for all of our members, who wished a more "mailing list like behavior" of this forum like with the old forum-software.

But again, this notifies only about new threads, not about new postings of the forum. For new postings you need to make your selection as usual in each thread independently.

Have fun with this new feature!

Your Team


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