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New cw winder what difference with the old one


New Member
Hi everbody, new to this forum.
Very nice presentation of the site.
Since 2001 there is a new cw winder for the 503CW what difference with the old one?I can buy one on ebay but i don't know if the old one stay always a good value to put 500 dollars on.I will use this winder to have a good handgrip with his leather support strap for secure hand-held photography and at same time the winder, does it much wear on the camera?
If somebody have it of know more about this winder, i will be thankfull for it.

Yepaaaa,Tourcoing France.503CW, A12, 80/F2.8
Hi, Chenu,

The difference between the old and the new winder CW is :

1) looks. On the older one, the mode switch goes Remote > Lock > Single > Continuous > Multi and the new one goes Lock > Single > Continuous > Multi > Remote (old: Lock is position #2, New: Lock is far left)

2) function. The two winders are identical, except for rumour that shows that early models of the old series had motor problems that can keep it from winding sometimes. You would fire the shutter, and the motor would move slowly for a few seconds then stop. The remedy to this would be to press in the latch that mounts the winder to the body and the winding would continue.

Other than that, the winder is a great thing. It doesn't wear on the camera at all. I keep mine on for daily shooting, except for weddings, where I remove it so I can keep the noise level down. It never has made a mark on any of my bodies.

$500 isn't too bad for a winder (as long as it comes with the handstrap and remote). You can send the serial number on the winder to Hasselblad to have them check and see if it is one that suffers from the "old, slow" problem. If it does, they can fix/upgrade it.
Thanks , very helpfull your explaination.

When you use your winder does you work with a 70 back or just a A24? Isn't too much traction for this winder, doesn't suffer too much?

I will send the serial number to hassy's site for information.

I have worked with the newer winder and an A70. It didn't have a problem. As far as I know, the backs compensate for the drag by usage of a gearing ratio. Therefore, I don't anticipate any problems with A70's. However, I don't know if I'd trust an older series winder (the ones which had a problem) with ANY back...
I have other questions about the winder (I´ve never used one before). If you use it with the remote, is it possible to shoot action shots without dealing with a slight delay (or can you expect the shot to be taken exactly when you trigger it). Also, I wonder if the newer or older model would make a difference in that aspect and how do you recognise if the model is old or new (models #s, etc). Any advice will be appreciated.
Looking for a camera flash, can someone to tell me which flash to choose:
1) Hassy Pro flash
2) Hassy D40
The Proflash is a modified Metz 45 CT-4. The D-Flash 40 is a modified Sunpak 120J TTL. The modifications are the SCA units are built into the flashes. I suggest that you buy the OEM versions and the SCA modules if there is any possibility that you will want to use the flash with a non-Hasselblad camera.
Hi Tom,
Thanks, I would like to ues it on my Hasselblad only and do you think D40 is good ? I have a flash for my Nikon.

What would be right for me might not be right for you. Since you already have a Nikon camera, I would buy a Metz flash and the SCA 390 adapter. You can then buy the relevant Nikon SCA adapter and use the flash with your Nikon too.

I did in fact choose to buy a Metz unit because I could use it with my Pentax bodies too.
Hasselbald CW Winder.

I have read the posts about the difference between the old CW Winder and the latest version.

My question is, how much does it cost to update the CW winder to the latest version?

I have one of the original winders and it has stopped winding on one occasion. It also seems to gobble up batteries. The Hasselblad manual suggests that about 2000 exposures can be made with a set of batteries. Mine only lasted 10 rolls of 12 exposures.

Has anyone had a similar experience with the winder and had to update to the new motor?