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New Conversion for ELM ELX


New Member
John Kovacs, the revered 'Guru" of Hasselblad repair technicians has developed a conversion to a 6v lithium battery that is awesome! His company is Hilton Command Exposures in Nashua, NH. His number is 603-888-3684. Conservative estimates per battery is 4000 exposures. The battery made by Duracell is #223. $11.00 at Walgreens.

It is very elegant in design and very well thought out. Just got mine last week and can't wait to put it through its paces.

By the way, if you need Hasselblad repair, he probably trained the tech you have been using.

Crusty old Marine, he is the man!
Can we see a picture? Rather than pursue the ELX AA battery conversion I asked about here earlier, I opted for a 6v lithium battery holder made by Fotodiox. It too is a very nice unit
Pictures of the Hilton Command Exposure battery conversion:
Does the holder for the battery do anything else than distribution of the electric current? is the battery able to meet the elx power needs as it is ?
Very nice unit, Tommy. The one I have is similar in that it's machined aluminum (the unit I have is anodized black), though mine is all aluminum without the white plastic cap.

Ruben, it is only a holder. Remember: The original rechargable battery was only 6V and the camera could easily operate on just one.