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New Classifieds section within Camerainfocom


Dear Medium Format users,

we proudly present the longtime expected new section for ads in our photo portal. You might have seen the link in the navigation bar already for some months. Now we had finally the time to install it for you.

Classifieds is online now!

With this we wanted to offer you one central spot to post your private ads, no matter which brand name. We hope to give your ads there more attention then only in the brand-focused forums.

We will therefore close the buy & sell section within the forums over the next days. Please use from now on only the classifieds section here:

You can post your ads like in the past for free. Just go there and find out how many options you have to post your ad in an attractive way. You can even set it up as an auction!

But you can also put a link in your ad, which leads to your current ebay auction.

Please bear in mind, that the registration system is independant from that of the forums. If you are not yet registered in the photo gallery or our reviews section, you have to register in the classifieds section first before posting an ad.

CI Photo gallery, Reviews and Classifieds are using the same user database. So only one registration for all 3 areas at the same time!

Enough said, jump there and see how easy & nice it works yourself!

Your Team

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