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Negatives do not have sharp edges Normal



Hi there, I just bought an Xpan II and of course loaded it right up and shot off a couple of rolls just to see if everything was working correctly. I noticed after having developed the film that the negatives do not have a sharp edge to them and in fact, on the right hand side of each frame is a small blip out to the side. Because I have an old Hasselblad EL/M 500, I know that the small trianges on the left hand side of the negatives are the Hasselblad signature. Anyone know the story with the Xpan II? Anyone notice the same thing?
Hi Pia,
Don't worry, I think was normal. I have noticed the same blip also in my negatives made with my
X-PAN 2.
Kind regards,
Massimo Vannozzi - Italy
Just wanted to clarify. . . Sharp isn't the best word to use here because one might take it to mean "image sharpness". It is only the RECTANGLE of the image that does not have precisely strait lines. . .
Thanks Massimo. Just got your message after having posted my second one!
Hi Pia,
I send you a photo of mine and you can see, also if the size of the picture is very little, that there is a little "window" on the right side of the frame. It's hardly perceptible, but you see it!
massimo vannozzi
That's it EXACTLY! It must be the XPan signature!
Thanks so much for going to the trouble of posting the picture!