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Need some PME45 help


New Member
I bought a very decent used PME45 from KEH online. Only problem is that it came with no manual.

I've figured out a few things like setting the ISO with up/down arrows, the red button takes the reading, changing the metering setting from incident to spot to average.

But how do I chgange the readings from EVs to f-stops/shutter speeds? Does it even have this option?

You need to change "program". You do that by depressing the ISO and meter mode selection buttons simultaneously. You change from default (Pr1) to the next modes by pressing the metering mode button repeatedly while holding the ISO selection button depressed.
The "program" you need is PR2, which offers both aperture priority and shutterspeed priority modes. pressing the adjustment button will toggle between the two.

However, the easy and quick way to translate EV values to f-stop and shutterspeed combinations is by transferring the value to the lens.
I have the PME prisim 42293, I have but one question, the window right next to the asa setting say's MAX. Does the refer to the max aperture of the particular lens you are using?

Yes, it indeed does.
As you will know, you need to tell the meter at what aperture the readings are taken. Which, unless you are metering with the lens stopped down, is the maximum aperture of the lens.
The aperture value must be set so that the correct number appears between the engraved lines in the window marked "Max".
I also just bought a used pme45 - with no instructions. I've figured out most functions but would appreciate it if anyone knows where to download a manual.