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Need hood and filters for older 40mm C T lens


I have an older 40mm C T* lens which takes Series 104 filters. These have a bayonet mount and are 104mm in diameter.


I am keen to get a UV filter to protect the front element and also a lens hood mainly for protection.

What are my options? Are there third-party filters or adapters available? Anyone got these items for sale?

I bought a used 40mm f/4 C T* with a HZ filter back in January. I recently found a hood and a filter (Y) for this lens on Ebay, and yesterday I picked up an old B104 lens cap. These occasionally pop up there. You may also want to try the web sites of various camera shops that deal in used equipment. You never know what you may find. For ex&le, B&H has a Heliopan B104 UV filter, Adorama has a used Yellow B104 filter. I usually check KEH, B&H, and Adorama, before doing a google search when looking for an accessory.

Why to buy used filters? if a filter is to protect your lens, you can imagine that the filter take all what the lens don't take more, so your filter can be in bad condition. I often have to change my filters, but I work on the road, so it is more difficult to have the best condition, but your used one wich life it have? if it is one of mine, you will not be happy.
I think that we have to work with the best accessories, only because we choose to buy the best camera in the world, so if we pay so much for the name of Hasselblad, we have to spend for the accessory too, and the filter is one second part of the lens where the image pass through.
So my opinion is that we have to spend money for the new one.

I would normally agree with you, but I do not believe anyone has much stock of new B104 filters anymore. If one can find a source of new B104's, it would be nice to know where to get them, but this is one of those odd man out formats, with the CF and newer 40mm lenses going to 93ø filters. It seems with a number of new owners of used, in many cases just slightly, 40mm lenses in the old C type, there is a run on what little stock can be found. One would not want to get a "bargin" condition filter for use in any case. But sometimes there are gems in the assorted odds and ends these shops accumulate.