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Need help to ID prism & req battery


New Member

Hello.. I would like your help in identifying the prism shown at the above link as well as the battery required.. I know the original mercury battery is no longer made, what I am looking for is the generic, close enough, replacement.. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

That is the first version Hasselblad TTL-metering prism.
It indeed takes now no longer available 625 mercury batteries. There are no other 'real' batteries that have the needed constant 1.35 V presently available.

Zinc-air cells /Wein cells can be used, but the fit is terrible (they, replacements for the smaller 675, need a ring to keep them in place, but there's not a lot keeping the ring itself in place...), and so is their life span.

There are however contraptions that 'adapt' a SR44 Silver Oxide battery.
These adapters are sold ready-made, and there are instructions on the web how to make such a thing too.
And, though the battteries do not last as long as the original ones, they work fine.
Thanks. Would you be able to point me to one of these adapters?? It came with one but it's a sloppy fit on the battery. Jeff

I remember a dutch Rollei-club/user site hosting a PDF.-file with a discussion of battery options, how to make an adapter yourself, and where to get ones ready-made.

I purchased adapters on eBay, where they pop up now and again.

I'll have a look around and see who's ofering what and where.