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Need help finding Focusing Screen Mask A16s


New Member

I need to find an Magazine Focusing Screen Mask for the A16S (4x4).

Or if someone has one like this, give me the massurment and I'll make on..
The square opening meassures 37 mm.

On the transparant version there are two horizontal lines slightly further apart (38.5 mm), as indicators of the 6x4.5 cm format. That these lines are a bit further apart will not mean anything, just the way they're made. ;-)

The opening is the same size as in the black mask.

The outer dimensions are 58.65 mm x 58.5 mm, with bevelled corners (bevel length 3 mm) and two 7 mm long and 3 to 4 mm deep recesses on each side to accomodate the focussing screen catches.