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Need advice on H2 vs other MF systems


New Member
Hi everyone,

I am very new to this forum and have been following many threads with much interest. Thank you firstly to all those who put the time in to contribute as it is an invaluable resource for many. I am an not professional but have been shooting for 20 years or so. I love the craft! I shoot mainly landscape and street work but want to move more into portraiture. Here's my dilemma and I'd appreciate your opinions.
I have been seriously considering moving to medium format for some time. I cannot afford a digital back and am equally impressed with film and scanning. I figure I will go that route until I can afford to upgrade. I have been considering the H2. It seems like a good camera that will be able to accomodate what I will be using it for. The price is a bit on the high side however. I have also considered the 503cw, a bit more easy on the hip pocket but a different stlyle of course (totally fine with me). I was dissapointed to see the recent specs. on the H3, a proprietory system essentially. It made me wonder how long Hasselblad will produce the V series. It also made me wonder how much of a future would there be in the H2 for ex&le, since new lens' produced by Hassselblad will be produced more on the H3 line. Perhaps I've got it all wrong. Please correct me if this is the case...
I have recently read about the new Rollei HY6 in reviews. This looks like a very nice camera, it's better priced than the H2 and it seems to have everything one could ask for in a MF system. I am considering waiting for its release as I am not in urgent need of a new system.
I would value any feedback from the forum members with regard my purchase.
Many thanks,

Jason Blake


It seems that you are well versed on todays systems and the choice facing many of us. Film and scanning is a good path for anyone not needing to meet the demands on todays professionals, and I would suggest it for now. If you really like the 6x6 format or always wanted one then go for it, there are some good buys out there now, but you must remember many items have been discontinued and the future of the v system is most likely limited and won't expand as it did in the past because digital is on the fast track, and few camera stores even offer any film cameras, so digital is going to be the medium of the future. Frankly the prudent path for someone entering medium format now with limited funds (like most of us) is digital.

Perhaps by the end of the year or early next year there will be more pragmatic options available than today. Don't feel like you are alone.


Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is a vast market. Obviously there are other options in Mamiya and other systems. I just priced the HY6 in Australian $$. It will be around the $9000- mark. I need to price other systems around this. Perhaps I should go the 503cw? Anyway I look forward to ssome more opinions.