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Neat Image profile for 503CWD and CFV back



I made a few profiles for the 503CWD and CFV back in a spare minute. They are made with neat image 4.3 mac. The shots were made from the printed target and processed in FC 4.8.1. WB was set to daylight. I am going to make tungsten profiles as soon as my back returns from Hasselblad.
Please find the profiles either on the website of neat image under other brands or on my website here http://

Regards Andy
Good work. I don't have neat image so I can try it myself, but maybe it's worth buying. In your experience, how well does it clean up the ISO 200 and 400 images without sacrificing detail? Is it significantly better than what's available in FlexColor?

(BTW, your link has an extra http://)
Hi Robert!

As i have the 503CWD only for 2 weeks now i did not use it with this high ISOs - i am sure that i do use it under this conditions once it is back from Hasselblad repair. Maybe i can prepare a few demo shots then.

In general with my D2X: you loose details in using neat - but i does do a better job then any build in noise reduction in the RAW converters (maybe except in Bibble - there is some version of Noise Ninja included).


Oh - now is see that i goofed up the link. Its a pity that i cant edit my post to repair it.
So here again the link so that you are able just to click on it - Neat Profiles

Thanks for the info. I usually shoot ISO 50 myself, but sometimes you just need that faster shutter speed, even for landscape photography.