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My first pics with my 500c


New Member
hi this is my first post and my first medium format camera,i shot two rolls of kodak 160 film and some of the pics are washed out in the bottom left corner is it a light leak or wrong settings help please thanks ken

As Q.G. wrote, it is most likely a light leak from the film back. This is caused by a worn light trap. The light trap keeps light from entering the film back when the dark slide is removed. This part can be replaced by a Hasselblad technician.

David S. Odess

Factory trained Hasselblad technician
Most probably the seals on your film back - you can get new seals on Ebay cheap and install them yourself in about 10 minutes (if you take your time).

Good luck - Ted Rose
I took apart my back and it is easy if you take your time.

and yes, it sounds like a light leak. test it by loading a roll of film and wind it through the back without taking photos. then develop it and if it still has the washout, well, it has to be the back or your loading/unloading.

you can use the serial number on your back to determin the year it was made. You will probably find it is old enough that it is time to change the seals in it...