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My first job with a Hasselblad


I recently got myself a h4d-31 with the standard 80mm. So, not only new to hasselblad, but new to mf as well. Normally I shoot with a 5dII and quality L lenses, but I've never enjoyed a shoot like I did with the hasselblad. I'm sold!
The objective of the shoot was to capture a typical dish at a steakhouse. Low-key, clean and atmosphere.
As I'm new to mf, any feedback is well appreciated. Good and bad.


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Beautiful images, really well done. I think you're going to be very happy with the 'blad system, you are certainly off to a flying start.


Thanks Cyril, I find the colours produced by the h-system incredible. I've now tested it in quite a few situations and its "signature" color-look still hasn't failed! As I got the entry camera I'm really curious to what a d -60 and its bigger sensor would be like..


Great comments, but as a new member (I paid at the 25 Euro level) I cannot see the images being commented upon. This is extremely frustrating. Sys admin, are you there???


Dear Hassy451,

it does not help if you post everywhere the same . The problem was discussed already in the forum help section:

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As soon as we have a solution for the few missing images after the import into the new software, we will post there the news.

Best wishes


Kai, now that the admin has made your images visible (thank you, admin), I can make what I hope is a helpful suggestion. In the first image it seems that there is no single item drawing the viewer's attention, and if you were to darken the background behind the food it would not be pulling my eye away from the food. Your images are excellent, and I appreciate how difficult it can be to capture food and make an artistic statement at the same time. If you do some post-processing to darken that background, I believe the image would really pop.