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I just found a nice special edition green 503 CW body.
To make a nice set a green A12 would be quite useful.
Anybody who happens to know of one for sale please contact me pm.

Green 503 CW.jpg

When lights are low a black film back does not look too bad but still a green one would be nicer.



  • Green 503 CW.jpg
    Green 503 CW.jpg
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Hello Ulrik,

Thanks to a user I found a new forest green A24 back.
I will try to get that back at a better price.
It surprises me to find Hasselblad made A24 backs in colours other than black.
A decent used A12 would suit me fine.

Hello Terry,

I am sure with the help from friends at the forum a green A12 will turn up eventually.

Thanks for the offer but green and blue do not mix very well I think.
With a red viewfinder and some yellow parts a Benneton camera could be made. Not my cup of tea.

The green 503CW suits me just fine.
It does not stand out too much and still the camera is different.

I am still working on the deal with the 135 mm Sonnar lens.
As soon as that deal is final I will let you know.

I don't usually like special coloured editions but that green one looks very nice to me. Hope you get your back ASAP.
Thanks guys!

I tried Morgan Sparks but he does not have a leatherette that comes close to both colour and structure of my forest green 503CW.
The structure of the green is also quite different from the usual black leatherette.

A user pointed out a green A24, brand new at an unfriendly price.

There must be a green A12 back waiting for me somewhere.

OBI , the big home worker market , offers a lot of cans with green , water resistant paint which you could use as well .
The biggest advantage is , that you can mix the paint exactly to the color you want/need.
Good luck .


Have a look to the polish market , and you will find 501CM kits in all colors and/or 503 kits and just single backs in your desired color .
Just google with the HASSELBLAD partnumbers you can find in the catalogue with the B/W foot as a title .
If you need more details , just come back , and i will "smash" you with part numbers .
Paul, Hasselblad USA has blue, red and yellow A24's on their certified pre-owned list, $499. Did you think to check with Hasselblad and see if they had green replacment leathers? (I'm sure you did!)

Hello Terry,

No I did not!
I was planning to do that and ask my Hasselblad supplier to check if the leatherette was still available.
So far it seems the green is quite rare like with HB USA.
They offer all colours but green.

I would not mind to have a green A24.
The A24 can be modified into an A12 without much problems.
I have done that many times.
The hunt is on for any of them green A12 or A24.