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Mirror question


New Member
Whilst doing an inspection/general cleaning of my 500C/m today I noticed that when looking at the front of the camera with lens removed, and pressing the shutter and winding on a few times, as the mirror came back down, I could see a noticeable slant to the mirror that looked like the right side came down just ahead of the left side. As the mirror nears the end of its travel, the left side seems to catch up and appears level again.

When the mirror is locked back down ready for the next cycle, there does not appear to be any play or looseness to it.

My question is, is this normal? The camera functions fine, appears to focus fine, and cycles without a hitch. But should the mirror be completely parallel and move in alignment throughout it's return cycle?

Could someone else see if their 500 C/M does this also? If not, I might be sending it to David Odess for a CLA.