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Mirror locked and unable to put on lens


New Member
Hello everyone. I have a new hassy and I recently have run into a problem. The mirrow is locked in the upright position and I am not able to put any lens on the body. It seems to be real stiff. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone or if anyone had a suggestion. Thanks again.

It sounds as if your shutter has fired. Cock the body by winding the crank. This should drop the mirror and turn the slotted key which is preventing the lens from snappng in. Always make sure that the lens and body are cocked before removing or mounting a lens.

The mirror may be up because the prerelease was triggered.
If you can't cock the the body by turning the wind crank, as suggested, first press the shutter release.

Make sure you take off the film back first, else you'll expose a frame.
yeah, if you are new to hassies, you need to read up on the few ways they can jam up and how to fix them. They are durable cameras, but it freaked me out the first time I locked one up too... Tons of info online about how to fix them...
Hmm... my Blad-totin' friend and I (the more technichally inclined - I think) are in Pondicherry, India, at least five hours from the nearest shop and have a similar problem.

The lens is off and will not mount. If this matters, the lens is an 80mm prime, and after any attempt to rotate the winder on the bottom of it, even several turns, it will snap back to its original, shut position.

The body is jammed - the shutter won't fire. We tried loosening and tightening the silver screw, and it allowed us to fire and, but the lens still would not mount, and we could not fire again after retightening it. Any advice? Try the full process from the link on our own? Trust the instructions to a watch stand?
If it is not possible to cock the lens when it is off the camera then you have a problem. I can't think of any bush repair.


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