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Mirror and shutter locked up


New Member
Hi I am new to this forum but not new to Hasselblads. I use to shoot for a studio where I used the man's Hasselblad quite a bit. I had a Pentax 645 that I used mainly but I really enjoyed the Blad. I have now aquired one from a reputable seller but in my playing around with it, I have locked up both the mirror and shutter in the open position. I was able to remove the back but the lens will not budge. As I humbly hang my head in shame, could someone help me unlock it.

Connie, you can do a search at or give this gentleman a call.

If you want to give me a call, I'd be happy to talk you through getting the lens and magazine off the camera body.

David S. Odess Factory trained Hasselblad technician 28 South Main Street #104 Randolph, MA 02368 (781) 963-1166
Don, Thank you very much. It was a bad jam but following the instructions I found at, I was able to unjam it. Thank you a hundred times over. It has been sitting in my room for almost a month out of shear frustration with my stupidity. I am so happy to be able to enjoy my camera again.

Once again Thank you and I am very happy to have found such a wonderful forum.

Hello - I'm new both to Hasselblads and this forum. I've just today taken posession of a 500CM, and downloaded the manual from this website. After tinkering for a while with no problems, I started to cock the shutter with the film advance knob, when it just stopped - the knob won't advance and the shutter won't release. I took the back off (perhaps unwisely), and now find I can't put the back on - because the indicator on that is showing white, whilst the body is showing red, and I can't move the film advancement knob or release the shutter. Is there something obvious I'm missing? It's been serviced by Hasselblad in the past couple of years, and was apparently working perfectly. Any help much appreciated.

> [Oh dear! It's jammed again, a few times after I managed to release > it, and this time, none of the fixes from the web-site you kindly > pointed me at, Connie, work. Are there any other fixes that anyone > knows of (as I said, I'm new to these things, having used a (touch > wood) problem free Olympus OM4ti for ages), or should I head for a > repairer. It's rather frustrating, as I've yet to take my first > picture with it.


Chris Huning > ]
> [David - that would be great. From your phone number, I would guess > you are in the USA - could you tell me whereabouts, so I don't phone > you at 3.00am?

Many thanks

Chris > ]