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MF Slide Projector


New Member
Today, most of my MF shooting is on neg's, but to lower my processing/printing budget I'm considering to shoot more slides.

To be able to evaluate my slides, I'm looking for a reasonable priced MF Slide Projector. I have never used one before, so I was wondering if any of you have som recommendations on what I should be looking for.

I know there is a discontinued Hassy projector out there, but there are also other brands. Nowdays, most of my shooting is 645, some less on 6x6.
Hi Thor,
I shoot a lot of kodak ektachrome- I like the archival qualities, (it store easily and you see what you will get.. and it helps me also to cut down on printing costs and contact sheets. my feeling is that to project a "slide" is to take a huge risk of dust, scratches and handling. i am not willing to do that. I used to use glass mounts to protect them but that was back in the 70's and it was a pain! Now, I use a good light box and a 8x or 20x loop to see and evaluate details/ quality. This, for me, is the way to go. then i choose the image i want to print and it is still pristine in the sleeve. also- a used 6x6 projector will cost anywhere from 500-1000 US, -- a light box is considerably less. Anyway that's my 2 cents. Happy shooting!
I recently saw a used Rollei 6x6 projector in a local store. I cannot say what model it was, but it had Zeiss optics. It was demonstrated for me - a new world -sensational. I would not get use from it but thought the asking price of AU$700 seemed reasonable given its excellent condition. I think it also takes 6x4.5 trannies.
Simon, That's intriguing. Rollei projectors either have Rollei or Schneider Kruznach lenses. Maybe the lens was bastardised to fit the projector! Any 6x6 projector will handle 6x4.5 transparencies as they use the same mount (7x7)Some Rolleis' the P11 and the current Dual66 will also handle 5x5 mounts.i.e. 35mm.
Colin, I may have recalled incorrectly - don't hold me to it because I am quite unfamiliar with projectors and their lenses. But it was a large lens (I commented and was told it was one of the fineset projector lenses made). I think it was a 120mm or something similar (even two focal lengths?). Whatever, it was a sensational wall image. Apologies if I've lead anyone up the wrong tree with my comment on Zeiss optics.
Hassy's projector is gone for a few years. If I were you I will consider turning the reversal films into CDROM instead.

There are Q-Labs (Kodak) who can help you to scan those images into CDROM. Some use drum scanners (better quality). Maybe this is a good option for archives.
I'm sure every one will agree that digital archiving using a drum scanner is a good option, but if you consider the cost, maybe it's not really all that practical, especially if you have to send in your films and you have an alarming volume of slides. Maybe you can suggest a less costlier option. I don't know about you, but I even find the cost of high quality 35mm scanning almost prohibitive unless you have your own scanner.
Maybe since the Nikon 9000 is out, the older 8000 Coolscan scanners might start being available at a decent price?
Hi.I'm looking for a slide-projector, suitable for hasselblad x-pan. Do you know where I can found it in Italy or Europe? Thank you. Luigi
I use Rollei clone called a Kinderman Super 66 which gives me results I am very happy with. It was a second hand bargain from e-bay. It uses a 150 maginon lens but I bet you could change it for a Rollei lens.
X-pan can be projected using a Cabin 67 projector with special holders. They are available in the UK from