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Metered Prisms for 2000 FCW


I have a question on the different meter prisms for the 2000FCW. So far I have seen a PME3, PME5 and PME51 (all 45degree) and have seen warnings (on Ebay) about not using on 2000/200 series cameras in the descriptions. For the life of me I can not see any impediment on my 2000 FCW that would prevent mounting a finder on my camera. I there any opinions on which meter finder to purchase?

Thanks for your Help

Al Tanabe
> I have in the past used all three finders and have no problems at all. You WILL experience problems with pre-PM51 finders on the 203FE or 205TCC/FCC. The earlier finders' mounting frames WILL damage the prism on the bodies of these bodies. Later finders work properly with earlier cameras. >
> Hello Al, Well it all depends . . . do you use the brighter Acute Matte screens, do you ever plan on upgrading to the 203FE or 205TCC/FCC, do you wear glasses, do you use or need spot metering, do you work in the 'EV' exposure system and do you have a limited budget.

If I HAVE TO MAKE THE DECISION FOR MYSELF, I would buy the PME45. I wear glasses and NEED its built-in diopter adjustment. I do use spot metering AND incident metering. I prefer not working in 'EVs' and I do use a 203FE and 205TCC. The PME45 is also very nicely buttoned and you can, with practice, easily change its settings WITHOUT taking your eye from its eyepiece.

Why would I want a metered prism on a metered body? I like the ability to use all my accessories on every camera. I don't have the PME45, but I wish I do!

Now, the major features:

PME - old and requires recalibration for the Acute Matte screens PME3 - already recalibrated for Acute Matte screens PME5 - compatible, i.e., won't damage the 203FE or 205TCC/FCC bodies PME51 - just a newer version of the PME5, don't know what the actual differences are.

Note that the PME5 and PME51 finders have a double-blue line on their housing - I guess to show that they're compatible with the 203FE and 205TCC/FCC cameras.

All these finders show the correct exposure with EV numbers!

PME45 - incident/spot metering, exposures in standard f/stops and shutter speeds and diopter adjustment, but I believe its magnification is slightly LESS than that of the earlier finders (maybe 2x vs 2.5x).

Of course, the earlier ones are less expensive, but remember that a PME may be the cheapest, it WILL require recalibration to work correctly with the brighter Acute Matte screens. You can use it by de-rating the ASA speed setting of the film that you use.

If there is ANY possibility of you upgrading to the later metered bodies (203FE or 205TCC/FCC) you won't need to buy another 45 degree finder IF you elect to buy the PME5, PME51 or PME45 from the get-go. You just ignore the finder's built-in meter - though you can use the PME45's spot metering with the 203FE body which only has a center-weighted meter. The 205TCC/FCC is spot metered. In any case the incident meter MAY come in handy with certain subjects.

Hope this helps. >
Let me sort through this mess...

Any of the mentioned finders (and also the old CdS finder and PME)will work on a 2000FCW (and 2000FC, 2000FC/M, 2003FCW, 201F, all 500-series-cameras, 1000F, 1600F).

Only the PME-5 and the PME-51 (and PME-90, PME-45) can be used on 202FA, 203FE, 205TCC and 205FCC because only these finders have a cutout for the display of the cameras.

Depending on the screen that is installed on the camera the meter has to be calibrated. This can of course done by using a different ASA-setting.

Thank you Tsun for the detailed descriptions! Ulrik, your two sentence analysis should be added to all Ebay auctions for finders!

Well, I do have an Accumatte screen so the calibration should not be an issue, the price of the 203FE bodies keep me up at night so I don't think I will be venturing there. But it is good to know that if I win the lottery that I could use the PME5 or 51 on it!
To make matters even more complicated:

When using the spotmeterig facility from the pme 45 and the pme 90
only screens that do not have a split can be used.
This seems quite logical as the center part of the screen is used to register the amount of light.
The standard screens for the 203FE and the 205 TCC/FCC are allright.
The standard screens for the 203FE and the 205 TCC/FCC are allright.>


Actually the later units were supplied with a "MICROPRISM AND
SPLIT-IMAGE RANGEFINDER (3042215) A Ø6 mm split-image rangefinder,
within a central Ø12 mm microprism area. Supplied with all
current Hasselblad reflex camera bodies."2005



Thanks for this additional information.
I was reffering to the 42210 screen for the 203 FE camera and the 42213 for the 205FCC.
These screens show the center area for the 203 FE and the spot sectiom for the 205 that is used for metering.

The 42215 screen is not suitable for spot measurement with a prismfinder.