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Merger of our photo galleries


Merger of our photo galleries

Dear Hasselblad users,

on request of many users we have merged all our photo galleries into one big photo gallery.

Because of this merger, we will no longer have the separation into different camera brands in this new photo gallery. The community forums stay untouched of the merger. They still are separated by camera-brand, except for Medium Format, where we are planning to include more brands in one forum.

We have transfered all users with their images and comments into the new gallery. No new registration is needed. Some albums could technically not be transfered, but this affects less then 1% of our users. We hope for your understanding for this. This is the link to the new photo gallery:

We hope for a lot of activity in our new gallery.

4 changes during this merger:

1. Also test-account users can now delete and edit their images
2. More disk space for all user levels (3MB Test-User/20MB Bronze/50MB Silber/100MB Gold members)
3. You can now upload the same image at the same time into different categories (i.e. Medium Format and landscape)
4. Please add the information of camerabrand and model below each image from now on when you upload your photos. This is the only way to find this information with the search function.

Even if you have Exif data, this is still necessary so that others can search for this criteria.

Have fun in the new photo gallery

Your Team!