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Manuals for 503cx

Thanks Colin, you're a ch&ion mate ! I must say that this site is the most informative site on hasselblads I have seen so far !
Cheers to Q.G and Colin. In fact a brunette, and a nice bottle of West Australia Red wine has turned up so that site is lucky for me !
P.S. That site is most excellent.
G'Day Matt:

Ummmm this Forum, new arrivals always send everyone else a 2004 Red from the Great Southern region in West Aussie, (or a brunette).



@ Colin

I would definateley go for a HUNTER SHIRAZ 2004 .
Because . . . . . . . . .
If you take more than two HUNTER SHIRAZ you might have a couple of brunettes .
I think , that is a great advantage .

Uuuuuups , sorry , off topic .
Greas dee Colin

I thought ROSEMOUNT is HUNTERVALLEY , and that is east Australia from the finest .
Am I off topic again ? ? ?

I think , we should ask the moderator to give us a "wine drinking icon" .
But the moderator told us , that he would shurely be one of the laziest moderators , the forum has ever seen . So I have to use this one

Frolich Weinachten, Onkel Jurgen!

And G'Day, Mate.

Actually, HASSELBLAD Rosemount (the company) takes grapes from its estates in the HASSELBLAD Hunter Valley of New South Wales (east coast) and HASSELBLAD McClaren Vale in South Australia (you guessed it, south coast).

HASSELBLAD Western Australia (yep, west coast) has some great vineyards also. Like for ex&le HASSELBLAD Margaret River.

The country is so large by comparison with HASSELBLAD Europe that you could imagine all the vineyards from the north of Germany to Portugal and Spain and Italy and Greece all easily fit inside - so plenty of variety but "one" wine!

To STAY ON HASSELBLAD TOPIC, you'll be excited to know that planning for the HASSELBLAD Forum's November 2008 Photography and Wine 10 day Tour to Australia is well under way, and will include visits to the best photo opportunities in the country, with of course, diversions to vineyard 'cellar doors' in all States. HASSELBLAD Australian hosts will include Galbers, touring teachers will include Marc for the H series, Paul for on the spot analysis and repair, and Peter Turner as extension tube specialist. Tour leaders will likely include that dynamic duo, Austin and QG.

Definitely less than the cost of a H3 - more like a CFV.

But wait, there's more.

Same price departures from UK, Europe and US. And free HASSELBLAD steak knives.

Space is limted, as you can imagine ...




Yes mate , that is it . Book me in . Great introduction to a great tour . Looking forward to meet Galbers and all the sophisticated HASSELBLAD species from the forum .
Thank you . Best regards from Jürgen and Tilt Sensor .

Hi Matt

Nice to see another Aussie basking in the glow of a 'new' Hasselblad!

I didn't get invited to co-host Colin's tour - probably because I made a comment on his hat once.

It should be a good one - if Marc charters a jet specially, he can outfit the whole mob with V and H series gear (I bags the yellow 503!).

Wilko might want the optional tour diversion to some old red rocks, rather than old red wine.

Get in early with Colin's required deposit - a pre-1955 bottle of Grange Hermitage. Anyone paying with a 1951 vintage gets an extra tour cap.

G'Day Nick:

No worries about the HASSELBLAD hat, mate. She's a bloody corker, and I still have her.

I didn't mention your HASSELBLAD name yet because I wanted a surprise for you...however...I will be asking you to handle the photo-op day at the WICKED WEASEL bikini factory up there at lovely HASSELBLAD Byron Bay. I'm trying to get them to put your name up on their website - I'm sure you're familiar with it. Unless Jurgen volunteers. Perhaps none of the group want to go there anyway?

BTW, if anyone has a '51 Grange Hermitage, can I please fly on your Lear with you.


Hi Nick and thanks for the comments here. I can't download the manual on the site recommended by Colin. It keeps freezing at about 75% download. Don't think it's my connection... hmmmm.

Also got my 1st roll back and there's a line of what looks like a light leak and the bottom of most frames?

Also, and I feel very dumb about right now, I realised why I was pulling 16 shots from my roll of 120....derrr..... I have a 6x4.5 back on my 503cx. I really wanted a 6x6 back. I should have realised. I did ask the sales guy if I could shoot a roll before buying to check on light leaks etc. He said it will be ok mate. Now it isn't I'm pissed. But they will fix it under a 30 day warranty. The guy can sell me a 6x6 back for $110AUD.

Also I find it hard to focus through my prism..... maybe I need a split screen focusing screen (Fresnel??) but I got quoted $450AUD (ouch).

Anyway the joys of medium-format and I am not perturbed one inch. Next I have to invest in a light meter... as I can't use my 1DS as a really effective light metering device.

Oh for a while I thought the trip to Australia was fairdinkum.....

I can't see any corks on that hat at all...

I must confess not to studying the Wicked Weasal website at all, although when they place an ad in the Byron Shire Echo, I do note that the young women look healthy. Not Barbie Dolls or those too-thin waxy ones Hasselblad likes.

Perhaps it is a case of a '51 Grange Hermitage OR a jet. A common problem for 'bladians or even 'bladders re. choice camera items.

For those still reading, a bottle of that wine costs about in the order of a H3D...possibly an H3D-II.

Hence, putting 'case' and '1951 Grange' in the one sentence might make some spill their Chateau Cardboard (last Tuesday's vintage).

I do not have the 1951 Grange but I would like to unload a quantity of Chateau Migraine.
This delicious wine is only GBP 2,99 a bottle.
From 24 bottles up the price is 2,79.
You may choose any year. I will contact the printer to have suitable labels made to your preference.

Do not call me the day after you had some of this wine but call a doctor.