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Makina 67


New Member
I got a Plaubel Makina 67 a few months ago and I’ve never used a better camera. Anyone else have one??


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Sadly, no. I've tended to use SLRs more than rangefinders though I do use the Fujica G690 BL and love that rangefinder and all its lenses. Would you recommend the Plaubel Makina for general photography? I was lent one some years ago along with a W67 and my biggest problem with the 67 was its focusing wheel as it was winter and I was wearing gloves; I could not easily get good focus as the plastic was too slippery. That was not a problem on the W67 as it used a rubber grip instead of the glossy plastic. The one thing that really did attract me to your camera was the quality of the Nikon lens which I remember as being excellent.

Perhaps now that I no longer look to generate income from my cameras, it might be a good time to revisit the Plaubel Makina range; thank you for the prod!
Been thinking of getting a 670 recently. Can’t seem to find one except on the dreaded auction site from mysterious sellers in Japan with 100 sales or less.