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Make an S16 into an A16 Back



I have a mint S16 for super slides, which i bought and have never used. i would like an A16 back. does anyone have a non- working A16 mag to sell? or do you know if hasselblad will sell just the interior window that is the 645 format? as the film mag advances 16 frames, i thought this would be a great way to save some $. has anyone done this? thanks!

I recently asked the same thing to a Hasselblad repair guy. He told me there used to be days that H' sold the required parts for a reasonable price. But at some point the prices went up enough to make this conversion an unattractive one. In addition he told me that the thickness of the mask plate (back of the magazine with the serial# on it) was changed at some point so things are not interchangeable anymore. Newer ones just don't fit it seems

In short: you could be lucky finding yourself a dead A16 that you can take the parts from but buying new is probably a problem.

Trying does not hurt though.