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Magnifying hood HM2


New Member
Could anybody give me a feedback on using this hood? It is sometimes dificult to focus accurately especially when I shoot outdoors. Using the loupe on the folding hood is not sufficient (I can't see the whole picture through it). Thanks for your advise. Ondrej.
> Have you tried using a split focusing screen? This is much easier to use and if you get one with a grid the pix has a decent chance of being level. Also, if you are shooting landscapes or using a tripod I find it easier to focus using the depth of field gauge and setting the infinity mark at the f-stop I'm using. Of course this doesn't work very well for up close pix. These protocols basically eliminate the need for any focusing loupe...your type of photography may require the ability to precision focus. I do 90% landscape with a 50 mm lens.
Hi Ondrej, there should not be a problem with this, trust that it is the one where the focus can be adjusted and the image comes out reversed? Focus as normal with the lens then use the optical adjustment for your eyes. This is one of the favourite hoods and are not produced anymore. cheers, Carl
The 'chimney' finder is indeed a nice one for focussing. But not as versatile (no direct view) nor as good (lower magnification) as the standard folding hood.
The HM2 remedies the last bit by having an even larger magnification. But still no direct view.

Carl, i hope Ondrej hasn't been holding his breath waiting for these replies...
Yes, 4 years later! But in the event others read this thread later, I agree with QG - I specifically bought a chimney finder to address the same issue Ondrej has. With its adjustable focus and magnification, I find it a great help when doing critical focusing.
I love this peice of kit, purchased second hand for a song, it sits beautifully on top of the blad and is great for portraits and fashion. cheers, Carl
Hi Carl,

I second your view on the chimney finder. I have an older incarnation (lower magnification). It came to me in two parts, one lacked the top lens part (EUR 3), the second one (EUR 5) had a totalled metal chimney. Merged they gave me a perfect finder ;-)

The only disadvantage is the fact that it does not fit in my backpack when installed on the body. No surprise really.