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Macro lenses


New Member
Hi everybody, my favourite subjects are natural details: ice, wood, leaf, etc. I'd like to buy an appropriate lens, obviously used. What can you suggest me?
Good value for money is the 5,6/120 mm S-Planar which can be found quite often at that auction site: I got my black barrel, non-T* version in mint condition for 300 Euros there. O course you can also use the excellent versatile 2,8/80 mm lens for close-up work. You will need extension tubes with both lenses.

Ulrik, are non-T* lenses as good as the T*? Price is really interesting but what about image quality? Expecially for close-up work!
I can't see why close up work should be different from other kinds of photography. The value of having T* coating will be different for different lenses. There is a reason why Zeiss started introducing T* with wide angle lenses. For longer focal length T* was considered less important. My own 5,6/120 produces pictures of excellent contrast so far.

I have the non T* coated 120 lens to.
With the proshade you will only notice a difference if you shot against the light or if you have ex. wather drops with strong refelctions
some say the non T* C lenses are more and more difficult to din spare parts to ?
So far my 120 5,6 is my favourite lens for my 500 cm - I have differnet tubes and it works just fine.
Spare parts for non-T* and T* C-lenses are the same. They only differ in lens coating: one layer vs multi layer anti reflection coating.
you are right as alwasys Q.G

so Piereangelo spare parts are getting more difficult to get for C lenses T* or non T*